Class Booking

I’m currently teaching via Zoom, to keep up to date on my class schedule please follow me on Instagram @The_Laidback_yogi

Classes are £6 per person and payment is via PayPal

If you are unable to attend via Zoom, then please let me know as I can provide you with a recording.

There is also an option to purchase 6 classes for £30, if interested please get in touch. To book onto this week’s classes, please see below.

Yoga with Gemma 12:00 – 13:00 Saturday

£6 per session all ages and levels welcome

Curious about yoga but not sure it’s for you? 
Think you can’t do yoga because you’re not flexible enough? Worry not – join our mixed ability class working on asanas and breath to help with focus, strength and flexibility.

Yoga with Gemma 18:30 – 19:30 Wednesday

£6 per session all ages and levels welcome

Long day at work and need help unwinding? Come and join us for a vinyasa inspired yoga class, that’s linking breath to movement. Deepening your practice every week, you’ll be surprised how quickly your postures will develop as you come week on week.

Yin yoga with Gemma 16:30 – 17:00 Sunday via Zoom

During Lockdown it’s time for some Yin Yoga!
Not sure what Yin yoga is? Well come and join me to find out. We will hold each pose (asana) for up to 3 minutes with the aim of working into the fascia and relaxing into the stretches.

I’ve been going to Gemma’s Wednesday evening yoga class since they began. They are just the right combination of feedback and peace throughout. At the end of a long day they feel like a real mid-week treat! I always come out feeling relaxed (and bendier!) and find that my thoughts have quieted, setting me up for a relaxed evening.

– Natalie